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Chuan Wei started out as a professional forging plant making automobile, hand tools forged parts in the years after it was founded in 1974. The company branched out into bicycle transmission system parts in 1980. In order to serve a broader market, Chuan Wei established a plant at Kunshan, in China’s Jiangsu Province, in 1999. The Kunshan plant occupies an area of three hectares and has a monthly output of over 500,000 sets of parts. The Chuan Wei team makes fine transmission parts with sincerity and professional.

The Chuan Wei team believes in “innovative technology.” The company performs transmission
system R&D, and has been recruiting the professional manpower it needs to sustain
its corporate expertise and vitality. Apart from bicycle transmission parts, the company
now also makes forged exercise equipment, auto, and motorcycle parts. In the field of bicycles,
Chuan Wei relies on superior forging technology and the in-house development of forged parts
to offer the finest products.

Chuan Wei is committed to serving customers and is enthusiastic
about its products. Chuan Wei’s Road, MTB, Comfort and
BMX/Freestyle transmission parts and aluminum
Forged products are all guaranteed the best available.